Hi Everyone,

Finally I have managed to get time to update The Yoga Garden Blog, I have been so busy over the past few months with a few projects here and there, building a Yoga and Meditation Studio, taking up further study with the Maternity Yoga, and more recently the 500 RYT further training with Yogaboann, and a little traveling, and its all been FABULOUS.

I promise to have more of a presence on this wonderful platform over the coming months and hopefully many years. For now a little update :

The studio after a very slow start, but a very smooth build is almost ready, our builders Creative Habitats have been amazing and guarantee us the studio by Saturday afternoon, the 20th May, which gives us plenty of time to clean and kit out the space for everyone coming next week, Monday 22nd May. Looking at it now, it looks a long way off finished but we are hugely optimistic and we will keep everything crossed in the meantime.

We have a small reception and toilet facility that all sit neatly around the studio itself. The studio is nestled in the seclusion of our back garden here at home and is approached by its own private entry way to the left of the property, we hope we have created a haven in the heart of Grange Rath for your practice of Yoga and Meditation.

We have compiled a provisional schedule to take care of the first few weeks of teaching, we may need change it to suit more students, if not all of you, but for now you can take a look and see if it suits you,

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday & Thursday Ashtanga Vinyasa / Dynamic Vinyasa Level 1-4 6.30am ( To set you up for the day )

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday & Thursday 9.45am Absolute Beginners

Tuesday 6.45pm Vinyasa Flow Level 1-3

Tuesday 8pm Meditation for beginners.

Thursday 6.45pm Vinyasa Flow level 1-3

Childrens Yoga and Teenage Yoga Classes will begin the first week in June for a 4 week taster course. Details will follow shortly.

Keep an eye here and on Facebook “The Yoga Garden” for updates.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in and for all the support to date, its been phenomenal

Love and Light